Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Love This, Hate That

Well hello there,

I hope you guys have been doing amazing and have been enjoying this awesome new year! Sorry I have been so MIA

I'm back at Chapel Hill and have been loving my second semester of college :) It's not exactly the schoolwork and endless textbook readings I'm loving, but more the fun nights I've already been having.

Speaking of things I've been loving, I wanted to make this post to update y'all on things that I love and hate currently!

Lehhzzz go:


1) NARS Orgasm Blush and Laguna Bronzer

These really are the perfect pair. Foremost, Orgasm is the perfect shade of pink for every skin tone, I promise. It somehow gives a blush on your skin that makes you look tanner--even without bronzer. It is so flattering, and has a glow that isn't too shimmery or sparkly. I absolutely love it--in the summer it's going to look amazing.
Laguna is everything I'd hoped it would be. It's not too dark that I can't wear it in the winter, and it's dark enough that it'll look perfect during summer.
Although these items are on the pricier side, they are completely worth it, and will last for a LONG time.

2) ADPi Hoodie

The greatest shirt/sweater/anything ADPi purchase I've made all year is this hoodie. It is literally almost glued to my body. I wear it any wear and everywhere. It is super comfy and keeps me warm when this bipolar North Carolina weather takes a turn for the worse. It's kind of gross how much I wear it but I could care less. It was worth every penny and it also reps ADPi--nothing better.

3) 8 ams

Haha okay hear me out. My 8 ams and early classes get me up early in the day, make me motivated for the day, and allow for my classes to be over early so that I have longer periods of free time at night to finish homework or relax. ANDDDDD I'm not gonna lie, it also gives me the possibility of getting Chick-Fil-A breakfast in the morning #fattyproblems

4) Weight Training

At Carolina we're required to take a lifetime fitness class and I was placed into weight training. I thought I would hate it, but I'm actually feeling results, have good friends in the class, and love my trainer. Maybe I'll effortlessly obtain a Spring Break body in the next 10 weeks--key word: maybe.

5) Instagram

I absolutely love Instagram. I didn't know what it was beforehand, but ever since I got my iPhone, I've been addicted. I was always posting mainly photos on Twitter, so I feel like Instagram was made for me. I love all the different filters and how the comments aren't restricted by a character count--like Twitter.

6) Banana Bread

I am obsessed with banana bread lately. I forced my mom to get some for me to take back to school. My mom makes the most amazing banana bread, so it's not as good as hers, but it at least reminds me of home. If you'd never tried banana bread, try it now.

7) Hunger Games

Nothing more needs to be said.


1) Guys being jerks

I absolutely hate when guys are pigs. The second that boys reveal their true motives in keeping a conversation going, I'm immediately ready to punch them in the face. Boys, making it clear that you think we are sluts makes us want to do anything but talk to you. Be chivalrous, it isn't dead I swear.

2) Photoready Concealer

I'm really disappointed with this product :( I usually love Photoready's products, but this concealer comes off flaky on my winter skin and exaggerates my dry patches and skin texture. I'm not sure whether the small amount of sparkles found within Photoready's products are to blame, or whether the formula just doesn't mesh well with dry winter skin. Either way, I wouldn't buy this again.

3) ..speaking of dry skin..

Am I the only one who's skin is a desert lately? My lips. The outer corners of my eyes. My nose. My legs. My cheeks. EVERYWHERE. No matter how much I exfoliate, no matter how much moisturizer I apply, and no matter how much water I drink, my skin continues to crack and flake. WINTER YOU SUCK. On the bright side, my sister posted a blog a little while back to help you get rid of dry skin. Check it out!

4) The Bachelor

Although I only originally started watching this show because of my sister, I truly liked her season and Ashley's season. However, I find the girls on Ben's season utterly unbearable and vicious. It's hard to watch them make fools of themselves. If it weren't for a few exceptions such as Kacie B. or Emily, I would've long ago turned the channel. Once they disappear, I'll probably no longer watch.

5) Pokey Sticks

Cue scary music .... 

Don't get me wrong, Pokey Sticks are often the light of my life, the key to my heart, the sun in my life, and I could go on, but our relationship recently hit a big speed bump: I found out their nutritional value. Not only do 10 Pokey Sticks contain 1400 calories, 60 grams of fat, and 1830 mg of sodium, but my friends and I usually consume more than 10 Pokey Sticks on almost every occasion. 
Let's not get ahead of ourselves though, Pokey Sticks and I HAVE NOT broken up ... we're just taking a little break. I'll come back to you soon baby, after I eat healthier, and have gone more than at least a week without having you almost every day.

6) My Roy's Boys

I know Roy, I know
 Okay y'all. Let's just get it out in the open. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED AT FSU?!?!?!??! Did they roofie our players? Were they wearing invisible blindfolds. Did Dulkys have extreme blackmail on them? Did Blue Steel survive those last 14 seconds? SO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS. The biggest question of all is: are we still gonna get that National Championship? I came into this season without a DOUBT that we were gonna win. Now I'm not so sure.
All joking aside, I know my boys are great players, and one game doesn't define their season. But they seriously need to work on defense, free throws (*cough*Henson*cough*), and 3 pointers if we're gonna stay in the game and ultimately win.
Don't let me down boys! Even if we lose, go out fighting hard. Then I'll at least be proud to be bleeding Carolina blue.

So anyways, those are some things I've been interested with lately!

I've also been exercising more, trying to get a better night's sleep, and have joined my sorority's Greek Groove team. If you don't know what Greek Groove is, look up "UNC Greek Groove" on YouTube.

Like I said earlier, I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I've been getting used to classes, and I was actually extremely under the weather for about a week, so I was trying to get better.

2012 has been AMAZING for me so far, and I hope it continues :)

I'm hoping to make a new video log soon, and in it I'd love to answer any questions y'all have, ABOUT ANYTHING: make up, college, ADPi, my sister, myself, Chapel Hill, the South, Pokey Sticks, exercising, etc. You can leave them in a comment under this post, or direct message/tweet at me. My twitter name is @AlexaSpivey. I hope I'll receive tons of questions from y'all!

I'll post again soon! So until then..

-Love you,
Alexa Dorian

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  1. What are your favorite hair styling tools and brands? What is your favorite way to get your exercise in for the day? What ARE pokey sticks? Are southern gentlemen everything everyone says they are?!
    Thanks for writing this blog!