Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Advice to You

Hey Guys :) I'm back again

First, a few updates!

Foremost, I want to say goodbye to a few people. Goodbye to the seniors in my sorority. Although I wasn't able to become as close with y'all as I would've liked, the ones I know are such special people. I wish you all the best of luck in the future! 
Next, goodbye to South Campus! Although North Campusers and Granville residents bash on you all the time, you were an amazing place to live my freshmen year. I honestly think (and I know tons will agree with me) that South is one of the prettiest parts of campus. I'll miss the scenery, the long walks from ADPi, the sweaty rushes to class--seeing as that South is at least 10 minutes from your closest class, running to Public Safety because you know the p2p will be full at Ehaus, chanting "Tar---Heels" with everyone leaving the Dean Dome after we win, and the beautiful sunsets from my Hojo balcony. I'll always have fond memories of living on "The Dark Side of Campus," which all true South Campusers know is the best side.
Lastly, goodbye to Kendall, John, Tyler, and Harrison! Many hope for a chance to talk to our basketball players, seeing as that they're gods at our school, and I was lucky enough to become friends with some of these boys. Kendall, we are extremely incompatible as friends, but you truly are a good guy and your fans love you and your humble qualities. I know you're going to be a great basketball player in the NBA. Good luck to John, and Harrison, I'm sorry I made such a bad first impression!! You both will go so far in the league. And to Z, you were everyones favorite this year and we'll definitely miss you on the court next year. All UNC students have a connection with them because we're a huge family, and I know it's hitting everyone hard that we won't have them next year. Thanks for representing our school so well!

Next, I'm going through Finals Week -- aka Hell Week -- right now so keep me in your thoughts!

Okay moving forward: as my freshmen year is coming to a close, I have been sitting around thinking about all my high school friends that will soon be moving in and attending their first year of college. I've been thinking of all these good tips and pieces of advice that I wish people would've told me! These are just my opinions, but maybe it'll help some of you!


Friday, April 6, 2012

Birthday Wish List


I KNOW, I know, I have been gone for almost a month. I promise I have good reason.

My past month has been filled with hell, tears, fun, crazy nights, all nighters, mean boys, and exams. Let's just say, I've been super busy trying to keep my head on straight. I wish I could update y'all on everything that has happened lately, but there is just too much to fit in one blog post.

Foremost, I just want to say I am still in mourning that Carolina lost in the Elite 8, and our dreams of the title this year were lost (and most likely next year with almost all of our strong players going pro), but I still love my Tar Heels and I'm proud of them. They fought as hard as they could.

Next, I'm excited because there is less than a month before my summer begins. My last exam is May 4th and I'm literally counting down the seconds until I don't have to see another supply and demand curve. I've had so many exams lately and I have been a walking zombie for the past two weeks. Note to self: stop pulling all nighters--they harm you more than help you.

Lastly, besides summer, I have a few more things to look forward to in the next couple weeks. Next weekend, my sister is a special guest at the Azalea Festival in Wilmington, so my family and I will be there to stay with her and enjoy the beautiful weather and beach. Also, ya girl's birthday is May 27th :) I love birthdays so much. I usually get more excited for my friends' birthdays, but I get pretty excited for mine too. That said, this post is dedicated to things catching my eye at the moment, which I guess because of timing, could also be seen as my birthday wish list. Let's get started:

Bathing Suit:

Okay, okay, technically this shouldn't be on my list, seeing as that I just got two new bathing suits from Victoria's Secret, but DANG IT, I am a sucker for a fringe/color block bikini :(


Be still my beating heart. These sunglasses are my true love. I'm being dead serious. May I present to you the House of Harlow Jordana Sunglasses (in Baby's Breath). I would do many a things to have these babies in my possession.

Chain Necklace:

I need one. That is all. Nah but for real, they go with everything. I love chunky jewelry tooooooo.

Lace Shorts:

SO ADORABLE. I've wanted a pair for a really long time. Why are they so southern and fashionable at the same time? It's torture.

Neon Bangles:

I <3 color. And I need more bracelets in my collection to be honest. I think dees are sooooo cute.

Denim Vest:

Half because Rihanna's "We Found Love" video makes me want denim everything/Half because I saw this girl on campus wear a denim vest and floral dress last week that made me want to die


Let me tell y'all a sad story. I haven't bought a purse for myself in over 3 years. The End. I know, it's a tear jerker. But real talk, I need a new purse. I miss the smell of new leather. I miss the surprise of what the fabric looks like on the inside. I'm pathetic.

Tail Skirt/Sheer Maxi:

There are people who love these skirts, and people who hate them. I happen to be a lover. These would be so nice for summer.

Nude Ankle Straps:

I think these are adorable and go with everything. And since homegirl's legs are a little short and stubby, the nude will make them look at least a little longer, compared to flats of other colors.

Zig Zag Ring:

These are adorable and perfect while it's still springtime! I love the colors and how different they look.


I recently went from my natural color, back to blonde highlights. However, the highlights will take awhile to build and right now I'm not happy with the color of my hair. I want Jennifer Aniston-so-perfectly-blonde-and-highlighted-it-looks-like-she-lives-in-the-sun highlights.

New Piercing:

I've met so many people with such cool piercings at college, and it's been almost 4 years since my last piercing. I want a new one somewhere on my ear.

Weekend with my Family:

Don't get me wrong, all these materialistic items would be AMAZING, and make me SUPER happy, but the best gift I could receive would be spending the weekend with my whole family (come home Sissy and Scott). Ideally, we would spend them on those beautiful North Carolina beaches that I miss so much, but quite frankly, being anywhere with them would make me happy.

So I hope y'all enjoyed that. Maybe your birthday is coming up and this gave you some ideas for a wish list, or maybe you're a shopaholic like my best friend Ann and you'll just decide you like some of these items so much you'll go and buy them right now. Kidding Ann, love you.

I've missed you guys and all your sweet feedback! I'll be posting again soon. I wanna do a blog about all the advice I have for high schoolers transitioning into college, cause I sure as heck have a lot of pointers.

-Alexa Dorian