Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Advice to You

Hey Guys :) I'm back again

First, a few updates!

Foremost, I want to say goodbye to a few people. Goodbye to the seniors in my sorority. Although I wasn't able to become as close with y'all as I would've liked, the ones I know are such special people. I wish you all the best of luck in the future! 
Next, goodbye to South Campus! Although North Campusers and Granville residents bash on you all the time, you were an amazing place to live my freshmen year. I honestly think (and I know tons will agree with me) that South is one of the prettiest parts of campus. I'll miss the scenery, the long walks from ADPi, the sweaty rushes to class--seeing as that South is at least 10 minutes from your closest class, running to Public Safety because you know the p2p will be full at Ehaus, chanting "Tar---Heels" with everyone leaving the Dean Dome after we win, and the beautiful sunsets from my Hojo balcony. I'll always have fond memories of living on "The Dark Side of Campus," which all true South Campusers know is the best side.
Lastly, goodbye to Kendall, John, Tyler, and Harrison! Many hope for a chance to talk to our basketball players, seeing as that they're gods at our school, and I was lucky enough to become friends with some of these boys. Kendall, we are extremely incompatible as friends, but you truly are a good guy and your fans love you and your humble qualities. I know you're going to be a great basketball player in the NBA. Good luck to John, and Harrison, I'm sorry I made such a bad first impression!! You both will go so far in the league. And to Z, you were everyones favorite this year and we'll definitely miss you on the court next year. All UNC students have a connection with them because we're a huge family, and I know it's hitting everyone hard that we won't have them next year. Thanks for representing our school so well!

Next, I'm going through Finals Week -- aka Hell Week -- right now so keep me in your thoughts!

Okay moving forward: as my freshmen year is coming to a close, I have been sitting around thinking about all my high school friends that will soon be moving in and attending their first year of college. I've been thinking of all these good tips and pieces of advice that I wish people would've told me! These are just my opinions, but maybe it'll help some of you!


College 101

What To Bring:

  1. Girl, you better work: when you come to college, you are going to be bringing SOOOOO much stuff. When it comes to shoes, you seriously don't need to bring your entire shoe collection, I PROMISE! Only bring the following: a cute pair of sandals, rainbows/Toms, nude heels, black heels, neutral pair of wedges, rain boots, cowboy boots, winter boots (Steve Maddens), and TENNIS SHOES!!! I cannot stress to you how much I wear my tennis shoes in college. With all the walking you'll be doing and working out (*wink face*) I promise you'll thank me.
  2. Bling, Bling: Shout out to Julie for this one, because I remember in one of her blog posts (very similar to this one) she was telling girls about this. In high school, girls don't wear too much jewelry, or at least I didn't. In college, it is a huge part of fashion. It makes or break a going out outfit. Invest in a lot of statement piece necklaces, a watch, and cute earrings! You'll thank me.
  3. Fashionista: Okay, so listen. I don't listen to rules on this one, because I have clothes packed into every nook and cranny in my room. BUT, in case you wanna know the essentials, this is how my outfits were broken down:
    • Invest in tons of sports bras, norts, running shorts, yoga pants, t-shirts, and socks. This is my outfit 3/4s of the time. College isn't about impressing people with your appearance. Be comfortable when you go to class and when you're studying.
    • Bring a winter jacket and tons of scarves--it's gon get cold.
    • DRESSES GALORE: whether they are fancy (especially for girls joining a sorority--you'll need these for cocktails, informal, etc.) or for daytime (because they're really quick to slip on) you need dresses!
    • Invest in a lot of clothes that are your school colors. You'll need them for football games, basketball games, etc.
    • I can't emphasize this enough .... you can NEVER have enough socks. Never.
    • If you're joining a sorority, make room for the extreme amounts of shirts you'll be getting. I wear an ADPi shirt almost everyday.
    • Going out clothes: bring cute dresses, high waisted skirts, heels, fashionable tops, etc. Let's just be honest: when you go out at night, you are 95% of the time wearing tight/revealing clothing. Just think about that. And also, make sure the stuff you wear won't be entirely ruined if something is spilled on it. It happens.
  4. Dirty Dishes: Don't bring tons of plates, silverware, cups, etc. They're a waste and tedious to constantly clean. Invest in paper plates, solo cups, and plastic silverware.
  5. Being high: Unless it's absolutely necessary, don't loft your bed. It's cool at first, but eventually it's annoying to constantly climb up and down. It's especially annoying when your friend is exiled from her room and you both have to sleep in your lofted bed together (poor Ann). Just don't do it. Lifting your bed a few feet off the floor will do and will still provide for under-bed storage.
  6. UH NO!: Girls, take down all those pictures from high school where you're drinking. It really doesn't look cool and it'll hurt you if you're trying to go into a sorority. Once you're in college, the occasional photos from sorority mixers or nights out are fine because that's what college is, but while you're still in high school, just take them down. It's not impressing anyone.
  7. Throw it in the bag: Bring a big suitcase and tote bags for occasional weekends when you wanna go home or for nights where you're sleeping over at a friend's place.
  8. Rain rain go away: Invest in a huge umbrella and rain jacket. You'll thank me.
  9. Have a seat: Have a futon in your room if you can, or at least folding chairs. They'll come in handy when you have a friend sleep over or have guest visiting.
  10. Cheese: Bring tons of pictures :) it'll keep you happy and be cute decoration. Be creative
  11. Monogram-azing: Shout out to my sorority sister Haley! She has the cutest monogram wall decal above her bed in her room. It's such a good idea. I'm thinking about purchasing one of these for next year.
  12. Zip it up: Bring zip-loc bags. They'll come in handy for leftover pizza, portable snacks, etc.
  13. Simplicity: Invest in a wristlet. I'm gonna sound like such a sorority girl but I have the Lilly print wristlet for ADPi and I love it!! It has a clear slot on front for your student ID or whatever, a pouch on the back (that fits my iPhone and keys) and it's the perfect size. It's usually the only thing I bring out with me.
  14. Don't ever leave home without a satchel: They are necessary for college. If you need to bring out more than just a wristlet, satchels are perfect because they aren't annoying to tote around. I have a Michael Kors one which is helpful because drinks don't stain the leather. I had a white Dooney and Bourke one and it got ruined with red PJ.
  15. H2O: Invest in a reusable water bottle. Plastic water bottles add up.
  16. Comfort: You need a mattress pad. No ifs, ands, or buts.
  17. For yo toes: Put down a carpet or rug. It makes a room more homey and doesn't show hair as well.
  18. Hair ... hair everywhere: Try to buy a small vacuum. I'm lazy and it was easier to just pull out the little vacuum then go check out one from the front desk. You'll need this when hair starts building up all over your floor (cough Lanie and Ann)
  19. North Carolina weather: Always have a bathing suit in your room because sometimes you'll have a beautiful day of weather and you'll feel left out when all your friends want to lay out and tan. Also, always keep a few out of season clothes in your room (ex: shorts in winter, long sleeves in spring). Your iPhone weather app lies, I promise. Weather is bipolar, especially in North Carolina, and I can't tell you how many times I was sweating because of my wardrobe in January.
  20. MUST HAVE: Have a good pair of earphones. I listen to music literally everywhere I go. They'll come in handy for the gym, studying, etc.
  21. Shots, shots, shots: Develop a collection of shot glasses. They're cute for decoration and you'll never know when you'll need them ;)
  22. Dirty laundry: Keep a laundry basket in your room and have a laundry bag to carry your clothes down to the laundry room. Also, this is optional but life would've been easier if I had a laundry bin. They're helpful when you're switching clothes to the dryer and if you decide to fold your clothes in the laundry room.
  23. Fresh out da shower: Girls, invest in a robe or wrap. You'll want one for when you get out of the shower, and I get ready in mine so that no make up or hair gets all over my clothes.
  24. #2: You can never have enough pencils. I went through maybe a million pencils this year.
  25. Munchies: Keep food in your room to snack on. Especially if you're sick (or lazy like me) and you can't make it to the dining hall or sorority house for food. I have a lot of chips, fruit, Velveeta personal cups of mac and cheese, protein bars, etc. Also, for breakfast, I usually just grabbed a breakfast bar or banana from my room since I had so little time to get to class. Always keep them stocked.
  26. Skype/Hulu account: Get Skype if you don't already have it so you can Skype your family and friends that you miss. Also, Netflix and Hulu are perfect when you have free time or taking a study break and you want to watch new episodes of your favorite show.

Tricks of the Trade:

  1. "Hey I'm gonna stop by..": Try to keep your room clean. Unexpected guests happen a lot in college and it'll help you feel less stressed out. 
  2. I love college: So you're gonna be going out a lot more and drinking crazy amounts, but just don't go too crazy and try to learn your limit. Also, always be with a friend that'll take care of you if you drink too much and take care of your friends too. I can't tell you how many bad things would've happened if I didn't have Ann by my side. Girls, just realize that boys find you much, MUCH more attractive if you aren't a drunk mess. Try to keep on a handle on how you're carrying yourself. Also girls, develop a taste for beer because fruity liquors and drinks will make you sick after awhile and make you gain weight.
  3. Roomies: Don't do random. Just don't do it. Find a person that has a similar personality, sleeping habits, partying habits, etc. You'll be miserable if you don't find someone you like.
  4. Game Day: Enjoy sporting events at your school and try to go to a lot of them. They are so much fun and it's a good way to support your school.
  5. My life as a zombie: Except the fact that you will literally get no sleep in college. It's a good night if you get 6 hours of sleep. This is why when you have vacations you literally cry tears of joy because you'll be able to sleep your life away.
  6. This isn't high school: College classes are very different and studying and keeping up your grades is on you more than ever. Classes aren't easy and tests are almost impossible. Especially at UNC, where grades are decided based on how you do compared to your classmates (who are evidently future rocket scientists and geniuses). You need to change your study habits and realize that senioritis is a thing of the past. You're in for a harsh reality if you think you can procrastinate all your assignments and cram the night before a test.
  7. First Day :) : Be excited the first day of class and make friends! Lecture classes are different from the usual high school classroom. Sit in the middle of the row cause it's annoying if you sit on the outside and always have to let people in. Freak out for a little because you can be on Facebook in class. Make sure you get over that phase quickly though because eventually the people around you will get annoyed and you'll regret not listening to the lecture
  8. What's up: College is so different because you have so much free time and freedom. You literally can do whatever you want. But try to budget your free time and use it wisely.
  9. Kickin it old school: Sometimes I find it helpful to take notes with good ol' paper and pen instead of my computer. Especially for math classes or econ classes where you're constantly drawing graphs and writing equations. It also prevents you from getting distracted and going on Facebook or Twitter the whole time
  10. Just do it: The best advice I got was "just go to class." It makes you feel better about yourself, you don't have to catch up on lecture notes (unless they're online of course), and you learn! Skipping all the time is just irresponsible. 
  11. Your worst enemy: Do not take 8 ams. At first they're fine, but after awhile I grew to hate myself for signing up for an 8 am. Don't get me wrong, having my classes earlier on in the day is awesome because I feel more productive, I don't waste my day, and I can be back home by 12 to sleep or start on homework. However, 8 ams are too early and I highly suggest you avoid them.
  12. Holidays: Be careful on days like Halloween and St. Patty's Day. There are crazy people out and ALE are on high alert. The last thing you need is to wake up the next morning with a drinking ticket.
  13. Juice it up: Charge your phone completely before you go out. It sucks trying to get back home or find your friends with a dead phone.
  14. Real talk: Roofies are real and serious. Be careful and never let someone pour you a mixed drink while you aren't looking. I know plenty of girls that have come into contact with them.
  15. Buddy system: Don't walk alone y'all. College campuses are dangerous and it just isn't safe! At UNC I especially worry because of Eve Carson. Better to be safe than sorry.
  16. Girls: The best advice my sister gave me: "Do not stress about college guys! Their brains are still forming and their maturity levels are still at least 5 years behind college girls." It's hard to keep this in mind (trust me, I've forgotten many times) but it is true. Boys are going to be jerks the first couple of years. You just have to accept it and learn to keep your guard up.
  17. Call Me Maybe: Call your parents at least twice a week. I promise, they're missing you. And even though it feels like you were just home and you may be sick of them, you'll miss them eventually and you'll regret it down the road if you don't keep in contact.
  18. New chapter in your life: College is a chance to recreate yourself, establish new friendships, and make tons of new memories. You can forget all the bad things that happened in high school and start over. Make yourself a better person by surrounding yourself with good people (who maybe are different from your friends you had in high school), join tons of organizations, find a new hobby you love, etc. Being in college, you start to care less of what other people think of you, and start to surround yourself more with people that love you no matter what you own or how you look, and surround yourself less with caddy people who you strive to impress. Just be happy :) Freshmen year you feel inferior and this is a time where you'll feel extremely vulnerable and out of your element, but things will get easier and soon enough you'll have a handle on everything. After even more time, you'll look back at high school and realize how much it sucks compared to college, I promise! Live it up and have the time of your life. We all make mistakes and decisions we'll regret later, but try to keep it classy and make good choices! 

To All My Future Tar Heels:

  1. Biblicoteca: Go to the UL if you need to study with a group or don't need to study too hardcore. They have vending machines nearby if you're hungry and the big comfy chairs are my favorite. However, if you need to crackdown and seriously study, go to Davis! It's so quiet and there are little distractions. I usually go to the 6th, 7th, or 8th floor.
  2. Uhhhhhh: Get excited for the streakers haha. Every finals week, they run through the libraries and show us all their goodies. I'm being dead serious. It's a Carolina tradition and it's really funny. Look forward to it.
  3. Your other worst enemy: Watch out for the bricks. They trip you when you're least expecting it. Especiall girls in heels, watch out.
  4. Point 2 Point: The p2p may have been one of my favorite parts of freshmen year. You always see your friends on there, meet crazy people, and often even see people throw up. You'll grow to love the p2p if you live on South, whether you are out partying late or studying hard late at night and don't feel like walking home by yourself. Just a tip, get on at the Public Safety stop because it's way less crowded than the Hojo and Ehaus stops.
  5. Study hard, play harder: UNC's classes are extremely challenging, but with the right study habits you'll eventually get a hang of them. They're annoying and hard, but you have to remember you're getting an advanced education at a top school! Also, allow yourself some fun and go out! We're lucky to have Franklin Street so close and a great Greek community! Live it up, it's college :)
  6. Alpine: If you go to Alpine, make sure you listen when they say "next!" and know exactly what you want. The people who make your food are helllllla sassy.
  7. He's crazy: The Pit Preacher is a character. Listen to him if you want, but I just choose to avoid him.
  8. DTH: Read The Daily Tar Heel as often as you can. They have great stories, extremely talented writers, and it's historic!
  9. Campus special: Go ahead and make a Campus Special account because I promise you will be ordering food/pokey stix all the time. And what are pokey stix you may ask? Oh man am I excited for you.
  10. U, RU, A, CCX: To those living in Granville, this is kind of pointless, but if you're living on South this'll be helpful. The bus systems are really confusing at first but here's a little guide for most of you.
    • The U: If you get on it at Hojo or Public Safety, it'll take you to the hospitals, along the side of Polk Place (where most classes are), past frat court (which you can cut through if you need to go to Granville), goes down the main part of Franklin Street, continues onto Student Stores (wait here after classes for the U or NU because they will take you straight back down to South Campus--ride the U if you need to go towards Hojo or Rams, ride the NU if you need to go towards Morrison or Craige)
    • The RU: Get on at Ehaus and get off in front of Connor if you want a quick ride to the Pit or classes. However, if it is literally 10 minutes before your class, try to get on towards the stop at the Dean Dome or just decide to walk, because the bus will almost always drive past you at Ehaus because it's full
    • The A: This takes you the quickest route from South to Student Stores. Get on a Ehaus. Also, if you ever need to get to ADPi (all you prospective ADPis out there), it'll take you directly to the house.
    • CCX: This is another quick route to the Pit/classes. Get on a Ehaus and get off at Student Stores. 
    • p2p: Pretty much goes everywhere and is in route from 7 pm - 3 am. 
    • These are just the main buses I use! There are many others. And always remember to wear shoes. I lost my shoes after a night out one time, and when I got on the U bus to go home, the driver attempted to kick me off. 
  11. Carolina blue: Buy Carolina blue clothes! This is a difficult color to find clothes in so you gotta look hard.
  12. Franklin: Enjoy Franklin Street at all it's good food places! My favorites include 411 West, TOPO, Coffee Shop, Ye Olde Waffle Shoppe, Jack Sprat, Sakura, and Bandidos. AND OF COURSE SWEET FROG AND YOPO! Also we have Bevello and a few other really cute boutiques. Franklin is always buzzing with people and at night time people watching is one of the funniest things!
  13. Priceless Gem: Enjoy Carolina! You're about to go to such an amazing university with tons of history, traditions, and a fantastic education! You're about to have the time of your life.

Wow, so that was really long but I seriously think everything I mentioned was important! I hope y'all took something from this and it'll help you in your transition in a few months. Get excited!!!

I'll be writing to y'all again soon!

-Alexa Dorian

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