Sunday, December 18, 2011

New York: Day 1

Hey guys!!!

I hope you're all trying to keep warm like I am. I'm a bundled up in my sister's apartment! 

 I flew to New York this morning and I'll be here for another week, so I thought I'd do a little blog about what I do while I'm up here!

Btw, I'll keep you guys updated about how my exams went (let's hope well!!!)

So here's what happened today:

My sister, her boyfriend, Scott, and I, went to a restaurant called Standard Grill. My FAVORITE part about coming to New York is always the food. When I came up last Spring Break, we went to the top pizza and burger places.
Anyways, they told me that I had to try the donuts and roasted potatoes. I ordered the omelet with cheddar and onions, potatoes, and sourdough bread.

yum yum yum
then we finished off with their cinnamon sugar donuts! soooooo delicious

Then we stopped by a store called All Saints, which was toooooo cool for words. The layout of the store had an old-timey, industrial feel, and the store's displays were based around old machines.

Then we stopped by Sephora and I got the COOLEST glitter nail polish

This picture doesn't do it justice. It's the prettiest blue with bright purple glitter! I'm already wearing it.

Lastly, we came home because we were supposed to go to an event with my sister's best friend Ashley. Unfortunately, I was too tired from being up all night waiting for my flight, that I passed out on the couch after getting ready and we didn't go. 

My sister, however, found fun in taking random pictures of me while I was sleeping. Here's just a few:

She's such a weirdo.

Afterwards, we all sat on the couch, ordered delicious pizza, and watched SNL and New Girl! 

I'll keep you guys updated each day on what I do!

Hope you'll enjoy this

-Alexa Dorian

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