Sunday, November 6, 2011

College Knowledge/Weekend Update/Happy Birthday

Hey y'all!

I hope you all had a relaxing and fun weekend! Or at least got to try that amazing sandwich I suggested from Panera.

This post is kind of going to be a mix up of what happened this weekend, my College Knowledge for the week, and a few shout outs! ****Make sure you read the end****

Friday, I had an amazing dinner with a good friend at Banditos on Franklin Street, and was so inspired and impressed by this guy. It goes to show that life troubles should never limit where you go in life.

I went to UNCG later on that night to be with Max, and we ended up staying in, watching a movie, and just talking! One of the best nights I've had in awhile. In the morning, I slept in while he left to do a group project, and when he came back I had gotten us Bojangles and we watched the NC State vs. UNC game. A couple things to say:1) Time flies by too fast when I'm with that boy, I miss him already 2) I still love my Tarheels, even though that game was a total let down 3) Bojangles = <3

I left Greensboro and drove home to be with my parents for awhile which is always a good time! I loved seeing my momma and catching up with her and laughing. In the evening, I went back to Chapel Hill and had a girl's night with Ann, which included: face masks, cheese pizza, chocolate molten lava cakes, The Holiday, cuddling on the couch in comfy clothes, catching up on our weeks, and Jude Law. Absolutely perfect night!

This weekend was amazing :) Here's some College Knowledge for ya:


1. Space it out: Don't cram for a test in two days! That's all I've been doing and it's obviously not working for me. By spacing out how long you study, you'll actually learn the material and not just memorize it.
2. Weekend doesn't always equal partying: Don't always use the spare 48 hours of the weekend to party, sleep, and hang with friends. Using even just a few of those hours to get some school work done or catch up on work will lower your stress and put you ahead of the game for the week.


1. Guy friends: Make sure you have at least one really good guy friend in college that you can go to about anything. Especially for times when you are locked out of your room, it's Halloween, and you need a place to sleep.
2. Parallel parking: It is almost guaranteed you'll have to parallel park in college at one point. Learn how to do it. Even if you have to teach yourself--like me.


1. There is nothing better...: .... than laying in all bed with the guy you like.
2. Balance: Don't always just go out and party or get drunk with the guy you like. Stay in and watch a movie or JUST TALK. I promise, if you really like this guy, it'll just as/even more fun than a party.


1. Opportunity: Anytime you have a chance to see your family, use it.
2. Oh, hello: It is extremely nerve racking meeting your boyfriend's parents. But coming from the Queen of Awkward, don't be awkward. Make conversation like you're talking to a good family friend or someone you're close to.


1. Woah: Ann and I (post about her coming soon) sat there today talking we will never be any younger than we are at this second in time. Live while you're still young and use every minute to make yourself happy!
2. Regrets: They are inevitable and permanent. There are no retries or do-overs. Accept them and learn from them.


1. Jude Law: Marry me. If a boy ever screws you over, watch The Holiday, fall in love, pretend he's your boyfriend, and problem solved.
2. Halloween 2011: You will never be forgotten #buttbruise #blueberry #wallet #baseballplayer #franklinstreet
3. I have one word for NC State: basketball

Shout outs

Happy Birthday to Kevin Collins! You're one of my best friends and you've ALWAYS been there for me, even when everyone else walked out. You have the maturity of a 5 year old sometimes and I hate that you live so far away now, but I will always be grateful that I had Foods with you senior year! I love you! Party hard boo boo.

And to my Sissy, who is turning 27 tomorrow! I remember just yesterday when you were turning 18 and I was excited because you could finally order things from the infomercials on TV that say "please order, you must be 18 or older!" I love you so much! I can't wait to see you in a couple weeks. Until you get your gift then, this video will have to do :) Happy Birthday

-Dori (for Max)

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