Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Babies

Hey y'all

I'm taking a break from depression and studying (or the lack of) to give some recognition to people in my life that are making me really happy these days.

I'm sorry for the week of sentimental posts, I promise I'll have some make up tutorials and College Knowledge and some cute things I've found lately being posted soon! Especially since Thanksgiving Break is less than a week away :) yayayay!

If you aren't on this list, don't take offense at all. These are just people that this past week have helped cheer me up!

Okay so here they are:


This boy is so amazing compared to every other guy I've talked to. We never fight, he is always there for me, he genuinely cares if I'm happy, and he doesn't try to impress anyone. He always makes me laugh and I get the WORST butterflies right before I see him (literally sometimes I feel like I'm gonna throw up). 

The things I love about him the most are that he's super funny, he's really tall, he's amazing at pitching (he plays baseball for UNCG), he has sweet dance skills, and most of all, his smile. 

With guys, I usually always rush things and get too serious which ends up pushing them away and freaking them out. However, I really am happy just taking things slow with Max, and I try to do anything and everything to keep him in my life. I love things the way they are and I'm so grateful for the way he treats me and how much happiness he brings into my life.

Thanks for putting up with my weirdness baby and always laughing off those drunk phone calls. You've really made me so much happier this week.


HAHAHAHA love that these are some of the only good pictures of us! I've know this girl since 6th grade and she is one of the sweetest things in the world and I'm so lucky I can be with her again at Chapel Hill.

She is my momma away from home and will always find time to get me food or tuck me in or listen to my problems before doing anything else. 

Her laugh and sweetness brighten my day and she always finds a way to make me feel better. She's the only lame-o I know that would adopt a baby before an animal and genuinely enjoys texting my mom. She's a great person inside and out and I hope she'll realize that one day and stop letting dumb boys bring her down.


Nicki Hodgins

 Hahaha sorry for the super sexy picture on the right Nicki, I couldn't resist. 

MEEEEF This girl is seriously one of the only people that understands me, besides my family and Ann. She understands my weirdness to a T and she knows that whatever I do, I do with good intentions, whether others see that or not. 

SHE IS AN AMAZING SINGER! and I always tell my new friends at college about her because I am 100% she'll be a famous opera singer one day (she's at Johns Hopkins/Peabody for voice)

My 3 years in chorus with her were some of the best years of my life and I'm so lucky that senior year I had her by my side. I'm sorry I never believed you baby, and thanks for always finding time to Skype me and cheer me up! I LOVE YOU MEEEEEFFFFFFFFF

Here's Nicki singing the Aria from Queen of the Night. Mind you, she was 17 in this video. SHE'S AMAZING

My ADPi Group

 This is for Dree, Alex, Sabrina, Anna, Megan, and Nikki! 

I love you all so much. You are the friends in college that I always hoped I would have. You are all beautiful on the inside and out and so outgoing and funny. I am so happy that I met you all through ADPi and that we'll be together the next 3 years.

Thanks for all the crazy nights, the fatty moments, and the shopaholic moments--and all the ones that will come!

I genuinely love you all!


You were my best friend senior year and I wish we could've gotten closer way before that!

You're so gorgeous and I love your family and Sadie so much! You're hilarious and I'll never forget all those memories we made senior year and all those dumb fights we had.

I love youuuuu and I hope you're having an amazing time at Tennessee. Thanks for always checking up on me to see how I'm doing and finding ways to make me smile!

You'll always be the tenor to my lead.


UMMMM you're my best friend. No doubts. You're always there for me and always know exactly what to say to make me feel better. 

I'm sorry that I thought you were obnoxious and annoying when I first saw you, but I promise all of that has changed.

You're an amazing person and don't ever let anyone tell you different. What's in the heart is more important than anything else.



Sorry that these are the only pictures we have together but that's kind of your fault! 

I'm so lucky I met you here at Carolina and you better still hang with me next semester. You're hilarious and a genuinely sweet and caring guy.

You always make me feel better. Thanks for sitting there and listening when I go on tangents about how I have a pimple then switch to my complete list of skin problems senior year.

Ayo boy, you'll always be my homie so stay tight with me, ya hear?
Who else would I smang it with???!?!?!

So yeaa, those were just a few little shout outs for all the people that needed thanking this week! I really do love you all so much.

I hope you all are having a great week, and don't worry, its hump day, so the weekend is just 2 short days away!

-Alexa Dorian

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