Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hello Again

Hey guys

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile! I've been busy spending time with family and being in food comas.

I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving/Thanksgiving break.

I LOVED being home with my mom and sister. This is an example of what we chose to do with our time together:

weirdos ... I know

But, now I'm back at school and have to buckle down for exams and final papers.

Not only am I stressed out about school, but I've been really upset/sad the past few days. I know I'm not alone in saying that there are some days/week where your self esteem is just shot and you always feel awful. Sometimes you just don't feel pretty or good enough. I know I'm always chipper and optimistic, but we all have our imperfections and sad days.

Well, this is mainly me just complaining and moaning, and setting goals to make myself feel better. But, hopefully, if you're ever down, whether at this moment in time or in the future, you can relate to this post and find this helpful.

Goals to Make Myself Feel Better

  1. Work out: Working out always helps me because I'm able to take out my stress physically, it gives me a kind of endorphin high, and being in shape makes me feel better about myself. DON'T WORK OUT BY YOURSELF. Bring a friend, I promise you'll stick to working for a longer time if you have a friend there to push you. Take classes! My favorite thing to do is take a kickboxing class at UNC's student rec center.
  2. Water: This kind of goes along with number 1, and I know it sounds like it wouldn't help that much, but drinking more water ALWAYS makes me feel better. Not only does cutting out the sweet tea and soda make you feel less sluggish, and give you more energy, but it improves your health. Also, if you tend to break out more when you're stressed, or that's why your self esteem is down, it'll for sure help clear up your skin more. Use this website to help you figure out how much water you SHOULD be drinking in a day.
  3. Boys: A lot of times we put all our confidence in the guys we're dating and we are only happy if they're giving us attention. NO! Girl, you better remember that you are beautiful and fun and funny. Sometimes I lose sight of this, and I have to remind myself what my mom has always told me: only you can make yourself happy. You have to have confidence about how you look and carry yourself. Confidence is what guys find most attractive anyways. If a guy forgets how amazing you are, forget him.
  4. School work: This is my biggest stressor. If you figure out time management and get school work done instead of putting it off, you'll have more time to relax instead of stress. THIS IS THE BIGGEST FACTOR I NEED TO CHANGE.
  5. Focus on the goal: You have to keep in mind all the good things that are about to come. Use working out as motivation to have a good body in a couple months. Having a body that you're content with will raise your self esteem. When stress is too much, think about all the trips or vacations you'll have soon (in my case, Christmas Break with my family in New York)

Well, I hoped those helped. I'm really gonna try to keep all those in mind, because, as evidenced if you follow me on Twitter, I've not been very happy the past 3 days.

On a happier note, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is tonight! WOOOOOO so excited :)

Start studying hard for exams, and remember those are the LAST things you ever have to do for that class. I believe in you.

Also, shout out to Ann for the amazing advice she gave me last night, Skyler for an awesome/hilarious lunch, and John for inviting me to go with him to the UNC vs Wisconsin game on Wednesday!

Love you guys,
-Alexa Dorian

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