Wednesday, November 2, 2011

People in My Life: My Sister

Hey guys!

I hope you all had an amazing and safe Halloween! I hope you didn't end up with a huge bruise on your butt and an almost-lost-wallet like me. 

Franklin Street was crazy and I had a great night with some of my best friends! 

Now on to the purpose of this post: telling you about my best friend, my sister.

Once again, don't continue to read if you don't like mushy/emotional posts!! 

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Name: Ashley

Age: Almost 27!!!

Relation: Seester

Favorite things to do: Watch Hulu/Youtube videos, try out new places to eat, play with Berly, hang out with Scott, make ugly faces, and be home in North Carolina.

My favorite part about her: Her humor and intelligence (she will win every argument, I promise)

Best advice: "Party hard, but study harder." "Don't ever think every other girl is better than you, because you are intelligent and beautiful."

Unique facts: 
  • 9 years older than me
  • Lives in New York and nannies for the cutest baby in the world!
  • Captain of her high school cheerleading team, regardless of the fact that she couldn't even do a cartwheel
  • Was on the TV show The Bachelor and got the first impression rose

Best memory: I have so many good memories with her! I could never choose just one. The one that comes to my mind first at this moment in time is Spring Break 2007. It was just me and her without any boys or worries in the world. We stayed at her house in Wilmington and tanned everyday, ordered in food, ran The Loop, jammed out to "Nine in the Afternoon" by Panic at the Disco for hours on end, and spent Easter at my Dad's house.

I am already crying uggggh. My sister is my best friend, without a doubt. She never wanted another sibling, and sometimes I hate that she got stuck with me in the end, but I hope she's learned to love me as much as I love her.

Like I said, we're 9 years apart, and we've been through our parents divorce, our Dad's death, a marriage, and tons of heartbreaks together. When I was little, I know I was a complete brat, and I'm sure my sister wanted to kill me at some points, but I've gotten better over the years, mainly because I've used her as my role model.  

       She's honestly everything I hope to be in a person -- beautiful, caring, giving, extremely intelligent, hilarious, healthy, fun, and creative. I've always looked up to her for advice, fashion tips, study habits, and sense of humor. 

I love my sister more than words. I'd do anything in the world to see her happy or to make sure no one hurts her. She's been through so much in her time on this earth and she still manages to have such a beautiful outlook on life, a heart of gold, and a good head on her shoulders. 

Sometimes it's hard having a sister 9 years older. You're never at the same school together, she moves away and starts a life while you're just beginning yours, and you always want her stay young at heart and be immature with you while she's growing up. 

She has always supported me in everything I've done. She's there to give me encouragement and advice to make sure I succeed. Sometimes I want to kill her for being so overprotective and putting so much responsibility on my shoulders, but I know she does it because she wants the best for me.

She's been there every step of the way through my journey with boys. She's there when I'm love drunk over a new boy and tells me what to Facebook chat him, and she's there when he breaks my heart. She has never liked most of the guys I talk to, and I've realized it's not because I have bad choice in guys, but because she never thinks they're good enough for me -- and because she can spot the douchebags before I ever do.

Sometimes I forget that she's so much older because when we're together we are so lame and do the craziest things. We LOVE having ugly face competitions to see who can make the ugliest faces. We also love singing rap songs in opera voices, watching America's Funniest Home Videos montages, looking up cat videos on Youtube, buying each other the ugliest pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve, doing crazy dances, and so much more. I know we probably sound crazy.

She's my best friend not only because she has made me into a better person, and seeing her is the highlight of my month, but because I don't know where I'd be in life without her. She is the only one who gets my humor sometimes, the person who helps keep my grades up, the person who helped me become happy again after Dad died, and the only sister I'll ever need. I hate hearing her say she's not beautiful or not good enough for a guy because I only wish she could see herself through my eyes and realize that she is one of the most special people on this earth. I'm so happy she's found Scott! He makes her so happy and treats her like she should be treated. If I ever hear she's sick or traveling, my stomach immediately drops because I couldn't imagine what I'd do without her if worse came to worst.

I hope I make her as proud as she makes me, and I want her to know I love her more than she'll ever imagine, and I'll always be there to take care of her, especially when she's old and needs diapers ;)

I wouldn't have rathered anyone else to ride along with me on this journey of life.

Thanks for being the best sister in the world, and always believing in my dreams!

Love you sissy,

 - Alexa Dorian

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