Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dance Marathon

Hey y'all!

This is a more serious post about something that I have become involved with. Next year in February, I will dance/stand for 24 hours in order to support N.C. Children's Hospitals. I've been really wanting to get involved with all the wonderful charities and organizations that UNC has to offer. 

Here is some info about it:

                                         "In the simplest terms, The UNC Dance Marathon is the largest
                                         student-run nonprofit organization at UNC-Chapel Hill. UNC-DM
                                            works year-round to raise money to benefit the patients and 
                                        families of N.C. Children's Hospital through grants. Our fundraising
                                        efforts culminate in a 24-hour celebration where hundreds of UNC-
                                         CH students show their support for the paitents and families by 
                                            standing on their feet for the entire event. In 2011, UNC-DM
                                       raised $436,709.61, funding two ongoing grants and eight divisional
                                                                    grants at the hospital."

Source: https://www.firstgiving.com/uncmarathon

In order to fulfill the requirements for this event, I have to raise $150. I think it would be so amazing if I raised way more than that though. 

I know the holiday season is coming up and it's easy to pass things by when they don't affect you firsthand, but wouldn't you feel so good if you could say you donated at least $1 to this organization? That's literally all I'm asking for, at least $1! 

I hope you all will help me. It really is a beautiful thing when people find the time to be selfless and give to those who truly need this money.

This is the website to donate: click here

Thanks for your help to all those who give money!

-Alexa Dorian

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