Sunday, October 16, 2011

College Knowledge

Hey Y'all!

Every week I want to post about things I have learned that helped change my perspective on life/changed me for the better. I'm really big on optimism and believing everything happens for a reason.

Hopefully through these posts, it'll offer advice or help you look at things in a better way!

  1. Procrastination = failure: If you work on time management and spend a few hours studying each day (instead of checking facebook/twitter every 5 minutes) you'll be less stressed and more likely to get better grades. Your friends may be getting wasted at the bar while you're stuck inside the library, and your jealousy will be through the roof, but I promise it'll pay off in the end.
  2. Frat guys are a girl's best friend: A lot of fraternities have test banks/study banks that are extremely useful come exam time. It's also way better to have fun studying with your friend than potentially fall asleep or get off track studying by yourself!
  3. Office hours: I should probably start going to these things ....

  1. I <3 U .. U <3's me: There will always be that one bus that absolutely hates you. If you go to UNC, and you're a South Camper like myself, try to make friends with the U bus. Always get there 5 minutes early and always wear shoes.
  2. I love Rock & Roll: There is nothing more fun than a 30-year-old birthday girl making an entire bar unite by singing "Don't Stop Believing." Always enjoy the little things in life.
  3. PJ: Don't chug. The End.

  1. WELLLLL....: Definitely warn your roommate before bringing a boy home #awkward
  2. College + Relationships Good times: After being in relationships for 4 years straight, lemme say first hand that it is so much less stress and so much more fun to stay single in college. Save the relationships until at least the end of sophomore year in order to transition to college, focus on grades, and discover your partying limits and downfalls.
  3. I have one rule! Don't fall in love at the Jersey Shore Frat Court: Don't fall for a random guy you met at a party one night or only see when he's drunk. Bad, bad outcomes.

  1.  Home is where the heart is: Call your momma at least 2 times a week. She misses you, I promise. And she'll always know what to say to help you in life.
  2. I got yo back: When people mess with my sister, I turn into a different person. You'll learn more about how amazing she is in future posts.
  3. Starvation: If you're still in high school, don't ever take your mom's cooking for granted. In college you'll do anything to have it back.

  1. Breathe it in: Always take those moments to catch up with a good friend, enjoy your guilty pleasures (frozen yogurt for me), and take advantage of that nice day to sit in the grass and soak up the sun. You're young and free!
  2. $ can't buy you happiness: In college, that girl's cute shoes and FREAKING AMAZING dress will stir up some jealousy, and there will be nights where you sit on your computer staring at the Lulu's website crying your eyes out waiting for the day you can once again order one of their dres..... uhhh not like that's happened to me or anything. Bottom line: if you desire those things, work hard in school so one day you can afford them. At the end of the day, materialistic items aren't the most important things in life.
  3. Sober fun: You don't always have to be wasted to have fun. Just talk to homeless guys on the street, mingle with the Qdoba security guard, and watch lame Youtube videos.

  1. Sticky boobs: Close relative of the chicken cutlet
  2. My address?: Oh, it's Study Room 5, Undergraduate Library, Chapel Hill, NC, 27514
  3. Lemme Smang It Girl: Youtube it ... it'll change your life.

Hope you all had an amazing weekend and here's to 3 days of school and then Fall Break!
Have a great week

-Alexa Dorian


  1. I'm loving your blog. I watched the Smang It Girl video before I went to work this morning - a great way to start the day :o) haha!

    That aside, you make some great points... procrastination is still something I'm trying to learn (even having graduated from college 4 years ago), but I've gotten so much better about not stressing myself out! What I appreciate most about life after college has to be the joy of having my own kitchen and well-stocked fridge, no homework, and more financial freedom!

  2. I am procrastinating a paper right now... watching Lemme Smang it... haha thanks for that gem!