Sunday, October 30, 2011

College Knowledge

Hey y'all!

I hope you're all getting pumped for Halloween tomorrow! If you're not a native of North Carolina, google "Franklin Street Halloween" to see what I'm in for tomorrow!

I'm being a baseball player! What are you all being?

I had such an amazing weekend will all my ADPi sisters, my best friends, and most importantly my family--since it was Parents' Weekend! I hope you all did as well!

Here's my college knowledge for this week:


1. Major decisions: I figured out my major this week! So exciting. Go talk to your advisor as soon as you can. It's not scary and she/he can help you so much planning out classes and taking a lot of stress off.
2. UNC: I honestly go to the most amazing school. Make sure you go to a school that you're 100% happy at. You only live once.


1. Benjy: He is the coolest p2p driver ever. He'll be missed! Genuinely lucky that we got to become friends with him!
2. Professor's are evil: Exams the day after Halloween are just mean. Time manage so you don't miss Halloween.


1. Feeling good: I know you don't need a boy to be happy, but when you have that special one, it makes your days so much better.
2. Back off: No one likes a guy that pushes a girl to hang out with them. We don't like to be cornered.
3. Trust issues: Still awful


1. Family: It was so amazing to meet everyone and their parents! They were all so sweet and nice!
2. Bust a move: It makes me so happy to see my parents dancing and having a good time! especially my momma, I love her more than words
3. My daddy: I wish more than anything my daddy could've been here for Parents' Weekend. I still miss him more than anything. It sucks not having your best friend anymore.


1. Are we in college or high school?: I love how people still have nothing better to do than try to bring me down. You have no reason to pay any attention to me anymore. If I'm so annoying and embarrassing then don't read my tweets or my blog. It's that simple. Don't ever let people bring you down for things that make you happy. It's not their life, it's yours.
2. Bunny and Kitty: Keep those best friends of yours close. It doesn't matter if it's one or twenty, but I know I definitely wouldn't be able to function without my best friend.


1. Animals: They drive guys wild for some reason. If this is your Halloween costume, watch out.
2. Kissing?: Turn away when you see one of your best guy friends eating another girl's face, if you don't I promise it'll haunt you forever. FOREVER.
3. Jackets: Use them. It's getting cold outside. I blocked those 15 minutes out of my mind that I walked in the cold bare-skinned last night.

Btw, last night I dressed up as a cat! 

Here's me getting ready in fast motion!


-Alexa Dorian


  1. Super cute! What eyeliner are you using??

  2. The Physician's Formula Eyeliner 2 in 1 that is a liner and a lash booster! I love it

  3. Awesome! Thanks chica! You're presh, keep it up!