Sunday, October 23, 2011

So Long Sweet Fall Break

This is so sad :( I can't believe Fall Break is over!!!

Let me tell you all about the amazing weekend I've had!


I woke up early and headed back to the city I went to high school in, Cary, to have lunch with my old high school friends. I ate at Bojangles, of course, and then went back to good ol' Green Hope. It was so weird to think that the last time I walked through those doors I was still in high school. I have so many good AND bad memories associated with that school.

I stopped by to see old teachers who I hope to never lose touch with. Lastly, I went into my chorus class, the place that I saw my family everyday for 3 years of high school, to visit my old teacher and say hello to some of my soprano babies that I love sooooo much.

After that I went back to Raleigh to get a quick manicure before I headed off to UNCG! 

When I left for Greensboro I listened to all my old CDs from the past 3 years -- such good throwbacks. When I got to Greensboro, I struggled for 30 minutes to find parking. Those are the times when I hate my drivers ed teacher for not teaching me how to parallel park. But I quickly felt better when I saw Max, there will definitely be a post dedicated to him soon :)

Max and I watched lame youtube videos and talked until we ate dinner at Olive Garden (yum) and saw Paranormal Activity 3 (eek). Finally, we ended the night by going to one of his friend's house for a party. Everyone there was so hilarious and easy-going. I had such a good time!


Max and I woke up in enough time to watch the UNC vs Clemson game (still upset that my boys lost) and then I put off leaving for about an hour before I eventually had to head back to Raleigh. I already missed Max thirty seconds after I left. 

That night, me and 4 of my friends were going to the NC State Fair -- I've gone every year for the past 5 years. When I got home, my best friend Ann came over to the apartment and hung out with my mom and me while we waited for my other friends to get there. 

Finally, one of my new best friends, Dree, got to the apartment and shortly after, my friend Kevin and his roommate TJ arrived from Campbell University. Shout out to them for winning their big football game!

We all hopped in the car, got lost, and eventually made it to the State Fair. I LOVE THIS PLACE. Something about the eccentric people, dirty air, obnoxious carneys, and greasy food gets me pumped haha. 

I went with 4 ride-lovers, and let's just say I am scared to death of rides. ***Flashback: One year my friends forced me to get on the pirate ship. We sat in the middle, not even the ends, and I was so scared that when I got off the ride, I couldn't move my fingers from the position they were in around the handlebar for about 10 minutes.*** Like I said, scared to death of rides.

I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF. I got up enough courage to go on The Zipper and Freak Out. The Zipper is seriously one of the scariest rides ever. The Freak Out was a ride I had always been scared to go on for the past 5 years and I eventually got up the courage last night. You always get such a high after you conquer one of your fears.

We proceeded to eat Fried Snickers, Milky Ways, Reeses, and Oreos. We didn't want to try the newest fried food item this year: Fried Kool-Aid.

I had so much fun with them, they made me laugh the whole time! I'm so happy I got to see Kev too, since he lives far away now.


Well, there isn't much to Sunday, since I slept until 4 (don't judge, I never get any sleep in college), but my mom made me the most amazing meal ever.

She knows my favorite meal of hers is the pot roast she makes. She also knows this spring break when I went to New York to visit my sister, we had this amazing mac & cheese at a famous restaurant.

She found the recipe for the mac & cheese, cooked me my favorite pot roast, made zucchini -- one of my favorites --, and made chocolate molten lava cake. YUM YUM YUM.

She's the best mom in the world!!

(Some pictures from the fair!)

Kevin and me!

My girlfriends Dree and Ann!

Kevin and TJ

In heaven with our fried food!

Pretty fireworks!!

Well, now I've finished all my homework, and it's time to head back to The Hill! I wish these past 6 days wouldn't have gone by so fast, but I have a lot of things to look forward to this week -- Parent's Weekend, Halloween, and my pledge class's initiation into ADPi :)

I hope everyone else that was home this week had a great time and got much needed rest!

Love you all!
-Alexa Dorian

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