Sunday, October 23, 2011

College Knowledge

Here's another week :)


1. Early bird gets the worm: I had finally accepted the fact that schoolwork is more important than sleep. You can sleep when your dead.
2. Expect an A, get a C: The world is working against me: no matter hard how I try, UNC gives me C's instead of A's. Even with assigned cheat sheets, I still get a C. What's up with that?
3. Study groups: These are extremely helpful. Working with other people helps you remember ideas better and can keep you on track (if you guys stay focused).


1. Are you on the list?: If you have connections, you'll be able to get people into frat parties. If not, you're screwed.
2. Parallel parking: Learn how to do it.
3. The most wonderful time of the year: College is amazing, but when you have breaks, and you can go home and see your family ... nothing compares to that.


1. Exes: They will always be someone you care about, but truth is, most times you're better off just not talking to them. 
2. Diamond in the rough: Just when you think all the guys in the world are jerks and you're not good enough for anyone special, that amazing guy comes along and proves you wrong. Don't give up hope, you'll find that diamond in the rough.
3. Go with the flow: I've always been a relationship kind of girl and I always used to rush into them. With Max, it's different. I just want to go slow and see where it takes us. I'm happy just being with him, no titles involved.


1. Gotta love em: Being home with my family makes me realize how much they mean to me. Don't ever take your family for granted.
2. Just want the best for you: It sucks when your parents (or in my case, sister) try to prioritize your life and change up your routine, but I promise it's for the better. You'll realize they actually helped you out when your grades start improving.
3. Nothing better: There is nothing better than a home-cooked meal.


1. Everything happens for a reason: Words I live by
2. Fears: It is really scary to overcome your fears, but I promise, as long as you're around people you love and you get up enough courage, you'll make it through and feel amazing in the end.
3. Give up: Face it -- people change, and you may care about them so much that you continually try to make them into a good person, but sometimes you just have to give up and let people go. Good memories you shared with them will always stay with you.


1. Fatty: It's okay to overindulge for a week, sometimes, right? Shoot ... I need to go the gym. #fattyprobz #friedsnickers
2. Halloween costumes: Why is it so difficult to figure out a Halloween costume in college??!?! 
3. Sleep talking: It's awkward when I wake up to tell Max not to make a thug face in his next license picture.

-Alexa Dorian

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